Hello, I’m Mehmet Ali Ergin. I’m filmmaker and videographer  based in Turkey. I graduated Anadolu University and my department was Communication Management & Design. I met cinema and video when I was a student. After that I made short movies which provided me to win prizes. “I don’t have to graduate for working in movie sector. I can do both of them at the same time.” said myself and I worked TV series, TV ads as an assistant of director. After I had graduated, I began to work as a director and an assistant of director at ads, also.
I’ve been working in an agency as a director and a director of photography since 2014. In addition to this I have a Instagram account which user name is 15.rec. I have been shooting videos and editing all by myself for 15.rec. My aim in this project is showing people daily life, my experiences and abroad in different perspectives.
If you want or need more information about me and my projects you can check my works out.